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Our entire range of Burek is sold frozen and baked in many much loved cafes, deli's, market stalls, resturants and take away stores around Australia



From its establishment in 2006 Burek Company produced hand folded Bureks and distributed its products in Victoria to local stores. In 2009 Burek begun the production of spiral bureks, initially for the Victorian market and now, every state in Australia boasts the variety filled range. Due to the great success of its Spiral Bureks, the company introduced the individual serves of 300g and the finger burek of 100g to be sold in supermarkets, delicatesens, cafes and take away shops.

The quality of the Company’s products is linked with the consumers’ demand for ongoing improvements in quality due to the competitiveness in the market. Burek is continualy looking for new ways to improve the quality of its products. Its raw materials are selected in line with the most vigorous specifications. HACCP, Halal, and export standards are indications of the company’s commitment to quality. The company has a dedicated team, trained in all aspects of food health and safety to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

If you have a store contact us for delivery schedules and store pricing

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